Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jet Lag and Mick Jagger!

I am back in the States, which is equal parts awesome and equal parts jet lag. Yesterday I felt like I was 10 minutes behind in every conversation I was having. It was weird. I was weird. I was Air Franced.

Anyway. What an incredible trip. I wish I could explain every little detail but that would be boring so I am going to tell you about the highlights.

In week two of my England trip, I went to Hathersage, to Lenah country. I always go whenever I am in England to remind myself why I chose the setting and why it means so much to me. Check out these photos. These are exactly why I picked Hathersage. Epic and beautiful.

Amazing, right? Well, it is to me anyway. After Hathersage, where my mom lit her napkin on fire and we laughed for two days about it, we headed up to the lakes. It rained and we were bored. BUT then we went to Paris. Oh...Paris.

I met my French editor, translator, press person, and two amazing bloggers. I felt so happy, so humbled, and so lucky. They were funny, talkative, and all of them dressed incredibly well. ALSO, I hugged all of them, which I read in Rick Steves (after the fact, DAMN IT)  is kind of aggressive in France. I didn't know this. In America, we hug. So I hugged them goodbye. Damn it. I hope they weren't offended. I was just so excited to MEET THEM.

I cannot wait to see the sequel published in French. It comes out, from what I heard, in France in October! Here are the links to the two bloggers I met. They have fantastic YA blogs and it's interesting to see what book bloggers are doing/posting in other cultures.

Basically I fell in love with Paris. But really, the reason I am posting at all is to tell you I saw Mick Jagger. I did not meet him or even speak to him. Two minutes after my editor left, Mick Jagger walked in the room. If I had her number, I would have called her and we could have been amazed together. Then again, I was recovering from food poisoning so I could have hallucinated Mick Jagger. He is somewhere in my subconscious and I could have simply wished him into existence in my dehydrated state. BUT my mother was there and SHE saw him so unless we had a collective hallucination, Mick Jagger sat two tables from us in a blue cardigan.

Okay. That is all for now. Giveaways are coming for those of you in the UK!!!


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