Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh hello there!

Oh! Hello...

Yes, yes, this post is shamefully overdue. I have been working!! I promise! Yesterday, at approximately 8 am I sent another draft of my sequel to my editor in the UK. While I wait for her responses, I will continue to draft and write.

Writing this sequel has been an interesting ride. In fact, for my critical thesis for Vermont College I wrote about sequels and the differences in artistic approach when writing a sequel. For instance, in a sequel there is a dual audience: the audience who has read the first book and those who have not. Because of this duality, when I first sat down to write the sequel, I thought I needed to pick right back up where I left off in the first book. I was really tied to that and had some trouble, artistically, figuring out how to open my sequel when the original novel ended in the middle of action. Do you complete the action? Do you just start somewhere else? I think I finally came to the conclusion that really, you owe nothing to the original material except for the characters. Sure, previous plot points matter and believe me, in terms of Stolen Nights everything that happened in Infinite Days has meaning. But I was left with a million questions. I have known all along how i want this series to end but getting there is part of the artistic experience of being a writer. Needless to say, I have learned so much and really love this series. I hope come early 2012, my readers do as well.


So that's where I've been. And I'm feeling good. I'm incredibly happy with Lenah at the moment. Don't get me wrong she's done some really really dumb, unexpected stuff in this sequel but I'm proud of her emotional journey.

More later!!!


Riv Re said...

Yay! You're alive! I'm still incredibly excited for Stolen Nights. Any idea when the release date is going to be?
Definitely an interested Sequels post. Thanks.
Happy writing!

Jess (Gone with the Words) said...

I am SO happy to hear this!! :D I cannot wait to read it!

Danny said...

Oh I bet it is hard to write a sequel! Take your time, your loyal fans (just like me) can't wait to read Stolen Nights but I wait patiently and will be happy once there it is finally there!
I am so incredibly excited!!
Take care and ... I can't wait! <3

Anonymous said...

I really do hope that it'll be good, I love Infinate Days so much I had to tell people about it! Good luck writing. I want to become either a writer or actress and you're my idol for writing, you have given me so many ideas for my stories (without copying, though)

Thanks for writing increadible novels for all of us to read :)

Lindsey M. said...

So I was wondering how many books will be in the ID series? Oh, great novel by the by- LOVED IT.

Anonymous said...

I loved your first book! I am a reviewer and would love to review your second novel if you need one :) edysicecreamlover18 AT gmail DOT com

LDVDL said...

I was wondering if these books will ever be made in to a film and how to go about auditioning if that did come about !!! Can any one help to let me know by posting on here many thanks I loved the first book so much xx

Lali said...

Hi, I'm from Spanin, today I bouth your book and today I finished it!! I loved it! I can't stop to read it, it's magical! I can't wait for Stolen Nights. I hope that Lenah is alive :(

Thanks for writing!! You are the best! :)

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