Friday, January 7, 2011


Oh, sequel (or for my friend Elizabeth: Schmequel). How you have tormented me. How you have laughed at me, tossed your head back and drank your whiskey with glee.

BUT I HAVE SENT YOU TO MY EDITORS. I have temporarily won. Temporarily because it is now up to the editing Gods whether or not this is the sequel that shall be printed. I have to admit, it's much more action packed than Infinite Days.

So, after a year reading reviews of Infinite Days (some good, some bad) I'm sort of at a zen place with them. At first, I was reading Goodreads reviews all the time and Amazon reviews, biting my nails and hoping people would like the book. I am over it now but as a debut author, it is very easy to become OBSESSED. But that's just it. I'm a debut author...I mean, I DON'T BARTEND ANYMORE! Sorry, just had to put that out there. Yay!

But overall, the reviewing process was pretty painless. I was most excited about my Kirkus, School Journal and Publishers Weekly reviews and then...after many months...I realized it didn't make a difference what people said. Because writing is an art - it's subjective and you have to hope you can structure a novel together to make it cohesive and entertaining. So that's kind of where I'm at now. I love great reviews, bad reviews I try to ignore, and well the rest is left up to fate.

So what am I doing in my time off? Two things. The first, is I am spending some time at Vermont College where I will meet my third semester advisor and will work on my realistic project. The second thing I am doing is compiling my SONG OBSESSIONS OF 2010. Everyone has a "best-of" books list but I am reading so many for school it's too hard to choose. So here's my top 10 songs I have played ad nauseum for the last year. Yes, I know some of them are from the 60's but if you know me at all, you know I am OBSESSED with The Doors and my obsession began in about April.

10. "Five to One"- The Doors

9. "England" - The National

8. "Off the Hook" - The Rolling Stones

7. "Pursuit of Happiness" - Lissie's cover of Kid Cudi

6. "Sweet Chariot" - My Jerusalem

5. "Wild Goose Chase" - Dark, Dark, Dark. (This woman's voice is incredible)

4. ANYTHING NIKI MINAJ because I love her and think she is awesomesauce.

3. "The Stable Song" - Gregory Alan Isakov

2. "Bloodbuzz Ohio" - The National

1. "Look Away" - Lissie

Here's a link so you can listen to it:


Caitlin said...

I hope the "schmequel" is out SOON!!! I already promised my boyfriend I'd let him read the first. He'll love it, I'm sure. And nice obsession. It's better than ones I've seen before.

Riv Re said...

Sixties are awesomeness:)
And SOOOOOO excited for SCHMEQUEL!!!!! NEED!!
*breaths* Sorry, I'm good now.
*claps* I'm happy for you that you've gotten over the reviews thing and can be happy with what you've written. But for the record, you>awesome

WordCountMaximum said...

Aw thank you both so much!

Alexis Salcido said...


Anonymous said...

i'm so excited for stolen nights!!!
when does it come out?!! i need to knowwww!!! D:

xquincy37x said...

Looooved Infinite Days!
My favourite character was Tony.
What a way to end as well! Woo Hoo..
Go you! :P

Youngreader! said...

OMG! I loved Infinite Days! I'm mourning for the sequel!

Anonymous said...

Are you taking many lit classes? It does somehow start to feel like one painful class after a while. I think the most painful readings I have had to do were for the British Novel. Vanity Fair, while a great piece of literature, was so very painful. And I reckon that's a very healthy attitude where reviews are concerned. You might not be able to please everyone but the ones you do please are very, very pleased. Have fun writing!

The Momma/Nanny said...

I LOVED your book, and am praying to the 'editing gods' that the sequel gets published. xoxo :)))

Charlie said...

I love this book! I bought it about six months ago and just now got around to reading it. I don't normally like vampire books but I thought this one was great!

Also, I'm in Vermont too! And I'm a writer! Aspiring writer, but still. I am a very big fan of yours!


Casey said...

I bought Infinite Days from Amazon's book sale last Christmas because the plot sounded intriguing and really you can't lose too much when a book is only $1. I finally had the chance to sit down and read it yesterday afternoon, and I finished it last night. I think the last book I was able to complete in one sitting was Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead a few years ago.

As a debut novel, it's extraordinary. I was immediately captivated by the plot and characters. I love, love, love flashbacks and you did not disappoint, they were placed perfectly and acted as perfect little teasers sating my desire to learn more about Lenah's past.

I will honestly say that I cried at the end, and am disappointed about the one death, but understand it's necessity, much in the way I understand, but still hate, JK Rowling for Sirius. :-) I'm truly excited that it is a series and greatly anticipate the release of Stolen Nights. Truthfully I went on Amazon first thing this morning to order it and had a mini temper tantrum when I discovered I have to wait until next year to find out what happens. :-)

So all in all, thank you for such an amazing book. In a time when vampires are overused you breathed a fresh new light on the genre. I think that Infinite Days will be granted a spot on the shelf next to my treasured Vampire Academy books, and it deserves it.

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