Monday, June 7, 2010

London is kicking my butt

I wanted to blog while I was away - I really did. But London, well, England in general is making me tired, making my legs hurt and making me wish I could transplant all these cutttteee English men and bring them on home to the ol USA. But see...I'm vacationing, err I mean, researching with my mother and talking to these cuties would be well, completlely awkward. So I've been admiring from afar though the highlight of today's meanderings was a guy on a bike almost ramming into me and screaming "F*** OFF!!!!!!!!!" I smiled. I lived in Harlem for 2 years - I aint scared!

Seriously though? This trip has been incredible. Derbyshire England (almost 3 hours north) is better in person than I ever could have dreamed. You can research a place through historical societies, they can send you pictures but until you see a place in person you have no idea. That's what happened to me when I stepped out of the car in Hathersage. First my mother stopped looking like this:

Let's say that me driving on the other side of the car was...eventful. As all of my friends know who are near and dear to me, my driving skills are...lacking.

When we eventually found the motorway and got to Hathersage, we looked around us at this:

Did Lenah live here? Yes, she did. In my mind she walked these hills, these remote enormous hills away from the society just enough that she could watch society from the outskirts. I know that not everyone can travel and hell, until 6 months ago, I couldn't either. My life was from behind my keyboard and behind a bar. But this trip has been more than I could have asked for - I can hear Lenah again, just like when I first wrote the book, which makes me very happy. She's quite snarky right now too. When walking around Chatsworth (please google, it's insane). The gardens look like this:

But she's saying things to me like: "You think I'd step foot in this bloody place? Rebecca, no. Please go find a dark tavern. I'd much rather be there..."

So if you ever get a chance to travel to Hathersage, Derbyshire, UK. Please do. It's unreal - the beauty will knock you out and it's a haven for people who like to rock climb and bike. The Hotel George was particularly lovely.

I fly out of London on Wednesday and while I've met some incredible people, namely, Elizabeth May and her friend Ewa (please model, Ewa) it's time to come home to my fat cat Nemo and my writing desk. Oh, and to the oodles of perfume that Ewa inspired me to buy from Black Phoenix Alchemy lab. I don't work for them - promise. I just love the idea of these perfumes!!! - I ordered, Emma, Snake Oil and oodles of other dark and scary sensual perfumes.

See you on the other side of the pond!!!


Reverie said...

Looks like you're having a blast and glad Lenah's back! :D

Elizabeth May said...

I think Ewa should model too! She's freaking gorgeous.
See you tomorrow, Miss! Your mom looks like such fun! :D

Wicked-Sassy said...

Rebecca, stayed up all night reading your book. Totally brilliant, woman. In fact, this morning I need comfort food as I try to convince myself that I have any business writing books myself ;)

Seriously, though, consider me part of your pre-pub campaign. I'm a publicist and I live in the heart of Stephenie Meyer fan-ville, so you may want to put Salt Lake City on your map as a place to visit down the line.

You've raised the bar for my own writing, so thanks for that!

Sheralyn Pratt

WordCountMaximum said...


Thank you so much for your kind words! I never know what to say when people say they like Infinite Days. I guess, just thank you! (Most of the time I think they're talking about someone else and then I'm like, oh, wait. REALLY? FOR REAL?) I will put SLCity on my map any day of the week. You let me know.


Wicked-Sassy said...

*grin* Will do!

Lena said...

LOL, I love the picture of your mom. And awww, Lenah lived there? With that sheep? :)

Question: pronounced Lee-Nah like my name or Len-ah?

Oh and fun fact: Library Thing is offering 100 arcs of Infitite Days here:

SQUEE! I better win one from somewhere. Or else, I'm going to London and taking the sheep down. DUN DUN DUN!

WordCountMaximum said...

No! Not my sheep! Seriously, as you go to bed in Hathersage, you hear, BAHHH...BAAAAHHHH. It's cute and annoying all at the same time. I hear Lenah's name as Len-ah.

Didn't know about Library Thing! Going to look!

- Hmmm, perhaps I should send you my last copy? :)

Lena said...

LOL! Awww, the sheep must be calling their missing pack members.

:O! You should totally send me your last copy! Unless you're teasing me. You know what I can do to sheep... :P

WordCountMaximum said...

Email me your address, I'll send one over tomorrow. I tell no lies.

Lena said...

I LOVE YOU!! Thank you oh so very much! :D

*sends email*

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