Sunday, June 27, 2010


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I only stayed at ALA for a couple days – I couldn’t stay longer but believe me I wanted to. On the way back, I took the longest train ride of my life and realized that if I ever go anywhere south of Jersey, ever again, I am flying. Just have to get over the pesky fear of imminent death every time I leave the ground.

Friday night, I signed ARCs of Infinite Days. It was my first signing!!! I lived with dread for the few hours before the signing. In my heart, I believed that the books wouldn’t go, they wouldn’t be signed and I would stand there looking at my feet wondering why I was invited to ALA in the first place. My fears were laughed off by St. Martin’s team, Ben and Talia, who, by the way, were very nice to me. I made a lot of bad jokes, they laughed politely but mostly I wished I were cool like them - alas, I am not. They were very helpful and made me feel welcome. Ben even made an incredible poster that I brought with me back to RI! Thank you, Ben, I love it. (You can see it in the pictures below)

These are pictures of the books before the doors opened at ALA. Here are some during the signing!

It was amazing - so thank you to everyone who came and got an ARC of Infinite Days and to SMP, I had an incredible first signing.


Brent and Emily, The Naughty Book Kitties said...

Ooooooh, ALA. SO jealous I couldn't go, but so glad you had fun.


Taschima Cullen said...

T_T I am crying a river right now! No one ever comes close to where I live! Florida!! go to Florida! Tampa if you must, hell I'll even hit Orlando if you can't Tampa!

Congratulations, did you really think no one would want your book?! I read the summary and I can't wait for it! I soo want to read it.

Khelsea @ Once upon a review said...

Oh wow!!! I wouldve screamed once I saw your books! If I couldve gone that is :)
that would be really cool if there was a big YA bookfest in Houston!
I can't wait to read Infinite Days, and thanks for putting up the first two chapters. I probably shouldvw have read them though bc I'm dying with anticipation!

WordCountMaximum said...

Thank you everyone! it was very very exciting. I am trying to finish up the sequel soon. :)

Morgan said...

I wish I could have been there, but the ARC's look amazing. I'm so glad you had such an amazing time.


I was so sorry to have missed you I had to work on FRI SAT and SUN but I went to ALA Sun afternoon and Monday fun was had!~! I was lucky enough to get a copy before ALA, But I do wish I had gotten you to sign my copy :O( I love love love Infinte Days..

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