Monday, May 10, 2010

German cover!

So I begged my agent to let me post this German cover a few weeks ago. Since it's on the German Amazon I think it might be ok :)

The reason I LOVE this cover is because it captures a really important part of Lenah's conflict. I know I'm being cryptic but it's fun and August is like 3 months away. Once you read the book, it'll make sense.

Oh! They also changed the title from Infinite Days to - The Night Is Yours. I don't mind, in fact, I think it's awesome. I heard it has something to do with the translation of Infinite Days in the German language, etc. etc.

As to enlarge photo!


Lena said...

Wow! Totally loving the German cover!

WordCountMaximum said...

Me too! Thanks :)

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