Friday, May 28, 2010

BEA run down!!

Here's what I have learned since coming home from BEA:

I miss living in NYC. I miss the coffee, the fashion, the weird people and driving 90 miles an hour in cab down Madison Avenue and then coming to a complete stop within two blocks.

I wouldn't move back. But that's another blog for another time. Here's what my life was like at BEA:

Tuesday - May 25th

12pm- I arrive at the Roger Williams Hotel on 31st street and immediately see my friend Kristin. We go to VCFA together so we hadn't seen one another since January. We were very excited. My roomate from VCFA, Stefanie was there as well but she had to leave so that was sad. Happy/Sad back to back.

5pm - I go to a St. Martin's Press party at the flatiron building. Which is weird, not because it's SMP but because I go up the 18 floors and the elevator opens and there is a bar. And the amazing thing is - I'm not behind it. I'm at SMP because of this book, this thing which came out of the depths of me and I wrote it and I wrote Lenah's story and it exists in space and time and SMP is publishing it and they invited me to their party and I wasn't bartending for them. So I stayed for an hour because I had obligations with my William Morris foreign agent, Laura.

Laura dresses better than everyone I know.

I saw her a day later at BEA and she was wearing some kind of fabulous gold dangly necklace and I wanted to take her hand and run off to the village and have her pick out stuff for me. But I kept this inside - until now. Sorry, Laura but as we were talking at BEA on Thursday - that's what was going on in my head.

So after the SMP party, I met Laura at the London Hotel. I was overjoyed to meet my Italian publisher who was also insanely well dressed. She also smelled good and was smart and told Laura and I all about the marketing plan for Infinite Days in Italy. Rose petals is all I'm gonna say...

THENNNNNN I went to see a friend of mine uptown and we had some good ol' fashioned beverages and I called it a night.

Wednesday May 26th

9am -2pm: Hello insanity that is BEA. Thousands of people.Writers/Authors/Librarians/Agents/Publishers - Kristin and I didn't know what to do or where to go first. So what do people at VCFA do? They find other VCFA people. We walked in a pack. We took a lot of ARCs. I got the ARC of fellow YA buzz panel writer, Ally Condie. I can't tell you how excited I am for Matched. Dystopia is my cup of tea. What kind of person does this make me, exactly?

2pm - 3pm: YA editor's Buzz panel: Julie Strauss-Gabel, Associate Publisher, Dutton Children’s Books with Ally Condie’s MATCHED; Jennifer Weis, Executive Editor, St. Marin’s Press with Rebecca Maizel’s INFINITE DAYS; Cindy Eagan, Editorial Dir., Poppy with Kody Keplinger’s THE DUFF; Farrin Jacobs, Executive Editor, Harper Teen with Sophie Jordan’s FIRELIGHT; Arthur Levine, VP & Editorial Dir., Arthur A. Levine Books with Erin Bow’s PLAIN KATE

I was star struck the entire time. Not only with my editor, Jen but with all of the editors. (Arthur Levine...yay!!)

My editor was a wonderful speaker, she talked about Infinite Days how she acquired it and how the process goes from getting a book to publishing a book. I always want to talk to my editor way more than we have time to do but I feel like she's way important and I am this bartender on hiatus. :) Maybe she'll let me sit down at just ask her 1000 questions about writing and books. :)

Oh, I also met some of the ladies who work at SMP. Eileen, Brittany, Sara. I think I might be spelling Brittany wrong and if so, I'm sorry. (I tried to find you on facebook but you have that profile on LOCKDOWN).

3:05pm - I told Kristin "I might die and need to go decompress in the hotel room." She said, "okay." Then she got the Beautiful Darkness arc along with my friend and trailer maker, Vania from VLC productions. Damn it.

Thursday May 27th

9am - Kristin and I walked around BEA again. This time there were less people, we could walk without slamming into anyone. We saw Tony Hawk and decided he was very tan. We also saw Laurie Halse Anderson and almost passed out.

12pm- Diner food!!!!

1pm-2pm - The boys panel! We stumbled onto this but I saw Adam Rex and was star struck again and wanted him to talk to me about True Meaning of SmekDay. But I didn't and my panel was next.

2pm-3pm - I will read my book off of any technological instrument. I read it off of a phone and I am cool with it! I had an incredible time. I am still in awe of the fact that Kody Kepplinger who wrote, The Duff, is 18. 18!!!! When I was 18 I was bartending in Boston and dreaming of my life as a somethingorother. I had no idea what I would be. I loved writing but writing a novel at 18? Damn girl! I am excited to sit down with The Duff and get started on it.

Then - I went home. I am off to England tomorrow night where I will meet my UK agent and publishers. I am also going to meet my cover photographer, Elizabeth May. I haven't ever had a real conversation with Elizabeth but I kind of e-love her. Is that ok?


Elizabeth May said...

Ahh, this sounds like so much fun! I saw pictures of BEA from some of the other authors/agents on Twitter, and it looked INSANE.
And I kinda e-love you, too! :)

Reverie said...

It was so nice to hang out with you! I miss you already!

My little world of books said...

Hello there Rebecca! I'm a book reviewer and I have a blog for young readers. The thing is...I live in Brazil, and Im only reading books in English at the moment just because I adore internacional authors and books. Most of my blog readers do the same thing as me... I fell in love with Infinite Days s and I was wondering where I could find a ARC for reviewing that would send across the ocean when its available! LOL

Much love and sucess,

WordCountMaximum said...

Mandy - Are you looking for an ARC in Portuguese?

BTW, Vania I MISS YOU TOO!!!! We need a purely social trip.

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