Sunday, March 21, 2010

Repeat Tracks 1-10 over and over and over and...

Top 10 songs I am listening to (ad nauseum) while finishing up copy edits on book 1.

1. Soundtrack to Tristan and Isolde. The entire thing. It's amazing - Composer - Anne Dudley

2. Swans - Unkle Bob

3. Bills Lament - True Blood Soundtrack

4. The Scientist - Coldplay

5. My Love - Lene Marlin

6. White Wings - Oystein Sevag

7. Hands Open - Snow Patrol

8. Giulio Cesare In Egitto: Aria "Se Pieta" - Haendel: Opera Seria (This will make sense when you read book 1).

9. A Postcard to Henry Purcell - Dario Marianelli - Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack

10. Yearning - Bright Star Soundtrack

These songs have helped me find the mood, set the tone and even choreograph entire scenes. Maybe they will for you!

In the meantime here is a fascinating photo of my dog. He runs away every time I take out the camera. Fear of red lights?


Cheryl said...


You too good for a lil' Kelis, now? LOL.
She is British, you know.

WordCountMaximum said...

That is still one of my favorite songs EVER.

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