Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dear Insomnia - I hate you.

Because of my most recent insomnia experience I watched Rachel Ray last night from 3am onward. I also learned a lot about making gravy. All you need is a little flour, apparently.

As I lie here in bed, I wonder how on earth Becca Fitzpatrick got her book, Hush, Hush passed out at the New Moon premiere. This book's cover is amazing - epic even. Just the right touch of drama and turmoil. It makes me wonder about my own book cover and what it will look like. The cover of Hush, Hush makes you want to read the book and while I sit here contemplating Tylenol PM I might just dig in. I wonder though, how did Ms. Fitzpatrick succeed in getting this kind of publicity? I'm not sure if I would want that same experience (maybe I would, who knows) but I do know that she successfully put that book into the hands of thousands of people - in one day.

There's a certain anxiety that comes with watching or reading the Twilight series. Will mine be good enough? Can I reach an audience that large? While I wrote Warm Days, I read the books so I would know what other books were in the genre. As a young adult writer, it's of paramount importance that you stay current. You need to know what is on the shelves and what your competition is. I started reading the first book right around the time the hype started to really pick up. I sort of rode the wave with everyone else though quite unintentionally. My protagonist's story is so fundamentally different than Bella's.

Lenah is dark and twisted. How am I ever going to fit on the shelf next to the monster that is Twilight?? I've never read Vampire Diaries or Vampire Academy. I have read PC and Kristen Casts's House Of Night series, which I really like. Zoey is conflicted and strong - she keeps my interest. I believe their new book, Tempted just came out though I haven't gotten my hands on it yet.

Until next time...

Current reading list:

1. Goldengrove- Francine Prose
2. The Warrior Heir - Cinda Chima
3. Sense and Sensibility - Her greatness Jane Austen.

Listening to: The Ettes - Do You Want Power


freewrite7379 said...

First... I think the Rachel Ray comment made me die of laughter, though I'm sorry you're not feeling well.

Second. I know you can reach the audience because you've reached me (and I can say that as someone who's read your stuff remember) and I'm probably the most stereotypical teen reader ever in the world. So don't worry about anything. That includes trying to match Twilight. They're different stories and yours will be just as popular because no one is looking for a new Twilight, but everyone loves vampires. Again, stereotypical teen reader... this I know.

In summary...


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